🎙 What they are saying maybe…

A collection of things that people will hopefully say about this little thing called Goats:

“It’s slightly better than the newsletter I’m about to unsubscribe from!”

“I was in a creative rut before I read this, and now I am thinking about maybe probably getting out of said rut.”

“This is really cool.”

“I laughed. I learned. I actually open this every week.”

🤨 What to expect from Goats

Goats is a weekly high signal-to-noise ratio look at the greatest of all time.

This newsletter is about using the wisdom of the greatest to learn how to be better at what we do. How does the best of the best in any world get that way and can we use this knowledge to be better at what we do?

For now, the highly visual, less-than-5 minute-read, action-packed weekly edition is free and I’ll toss in deeper dives as a paid or monthly feature if people are into it.

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